Thursday, March 26, 2009

How I’d not prepare for a funny interview?

I have currently been bombarded with the way I would prepare for an interview. Preparing for an interview is not an easy task and it should be taken seriously with commitment. If I have to go and face a volley of questions from the employers (who incidentally does not know me at all), then I better be prepared to give answers to all their questions.

Many managers and supervisors have had experiences of interviewing applicants for job opening. I am extremely sure that each of you has been completely perplexed by the behavior of the candidate. The incidents related below are quite strange but they are fun to read.

One of the applicants told the management of the company that if he does not get selected in the process, it would mean that the company’s management is totally incompetent! Now I won’t do that. I will be rather obliged if the company feels that I am good enough to be with them. If you have a similar video, click the link and post it there.

Now one of the interviewees only chewed bubble gum all the time and also kept blowing bubbles. This was so disturbing for the management that they eventually asked her to leave. If you have any video that relates to something funny like this then go to this link and post it: