Thursday, March 26, 2009

I will tattoo my arm if you select me

You must have heard of numerous stories about the interviews. But this one is totally different and amusing. A candidate appearing for the post of Vice President (Marketing) was so desperate to get the job that he stated “If I am hired, I will get the corporate logo tattooed on my forearm, just to show my loyalty to the company”. Of course this is the sign of the looming economic recession! If you want to tell us something similar, then you can post your video at:

The companies who are hiring you do not seek this kind of loyalty; they want to know about your efficiency. They want to know if you can work under pressure and deliver targeted results.

In one of the interviews for an advertising firm, the applicant interrupted abruptly and called his therapist. He wanted an advice on how to answer specific interview queries! He was being asked:
• Tell us about a color that you really like and how can you relate that color to the company.
• What do you think of George Bush’s administration?

Apparently the candidate was getting disturbed by questions related to his personal feelings. The interviewees became so annoyed by this continuous interruptions that they advised him to come at a later date, when he really felt good. If you want to tell the world a similar incident, post it on the link You might just win $1,000!!