Thursday, March 26, 2009

Balding Beauty!

While talking to a friend who is in an HR firm, she related a funny yet interesting story of an applicant who had appeared for an interview. She said that one of the candidates was bald, though his resume was simply superb (and he was a fresher, aged 24). The balding candidate appeared for the interview and was giving good answers. The questions asked were:

• Did you ever try to go beyond the call of duty?
• Have you ever made your team do a project they were not really interested in? If you have, what were the tactics that you applied? Were you able to convince them?
• How have you handled a murky situation with your peers?

But then all of a sudden, the candidate excused himself and returned to the office a few minutes later adorning a hairpiece! The employers were taken aback and it became difficult to go ahead with the entire interview process. The change in appearance was much beyond the tolerance limit.

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I will tattoo my arm if you select me

You must have heard of numerous stories about the interviews. But this one is totally different and amusing. A candidate appearing for the post of Vice President (Marketing) was so desperate to get the job that he stated “If I am hired, I will get the corporate logo tattooed on my forearm, just to show my loyalty to the company”. Of course this is the sign of the looming economic recession! If you want to tell us something similar, then you can post your video at:

The companies who are hiring you do not seek this kind of loyalty; they want to know about your efficiency. They want to know if you can work under pressure and deliver targeted results.

In one of the interviews for an advertising firm, the applicant interrupted abruptly and called his therapist. He wanted an advice on how to answer specific interview queries! He was being asked:
• Tell us about a color that you really like and how can you relate that color to the company.
• What do you think of George Bush’s administration?

Apparently the candidate was getting disturbed by questions related to his personal feelings. The interviewees became so annoyed by this continuous interruptions that they advised him to come at a later date, when he really felt good. If you want to tell the world a similar incident, post it on the link You might just win $1,000!!

How I’d not prepare for a funny interview?

I have currently been bombarded with the way I would prepare for an interview. Preparing for an interview is not an easy task and it should be taken seriously with commitment. If I have to go and face a volley of questions from the employers (who incidentally does not know me at all), then I better be prepared to give answers to all their questions.

Many managers and supervisors have had experiences of interviewing applicants for job opening. I am extremely sure that each of you has been completely perplexed by the behavior of the candidate. The incidents related below are quite strange but they are fun to read.

One of the applicants told the management of the company that if he does not get selected in the process, it would mean that the company’s management is totally incompetent! Now I won’t do that. I will be rather obliged if the company feels that I am good enough to be with them. If you have a similar video, click the link and post it there.

Now one of the interviewees only chewed bubble gum all the time and also kept blowing bubbles. This was so disturbing for the management that they eventually asked her to leave. If you have any video that relates to something funny like this then go to this link and post it:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Best SEO Tricks

A question often asked of SEO experts, is what is The Best SEO trick, or the best seo tactic, or the best seo tip - the fact is though there is no best trick or tactic, but there IS, I believe, a best SEO strategy.

The best SEO strategy in my opinion, and experience - is a holistic white hat SEO strategy.

The dictionary definition of holistic is:

"of, concerned with, or dealing with wholes or integrated systems rather than with their parts"

Holistic SEO simply means that you work on everything, the whole system - not just parts.

Many people involved in SEO, do not work in this manner - it's not uncommon at all to find a website that has had a lot of SEO work done in parts, but the website isn't doing nearly as well as it should be due to very important parts being completely missed out.

It's very common to find websites which suffer from one of the following :

* Great on page & off page SEO done - but keyword research not done, as a result the website is concentrating on completely the wrong keywords, and therefore ranking for keywords which do not bring targeted traffic.
* Great offpage SEO, plently of backlinks - but complete lack of relevant content
* Great keyword research done, good on page SEO - but no off page SEO, no backlinks, and therefore very little traffic apart from small amounts of traffic coming from keywords which have very little competition.

The best results come from SEO when done in a holistic way - paying plenty of attention to all area's, keyword research, on page, and off page. So to conclude, the best seo strategy is not a tactic or a trick, it is simply about paying attention to all of the important parts of SEO